Львівський академічний театр імені Леся Курбаса
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre

Waiting For Godot

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by Samuel Beckett
Translation from French by Volodymyr Dibrova
premiere 2006

When ‘Godot’ is put on, it’s usually about eccentrics, fools and philosophers.  But in this case the Kurbasians made their own bed of straw, to keep them secure while presenting and playing…about themselves.  About Actors.  About windbags, vain and restless performers, who juggle useless words and unnecessary objects.   If they took it any further, it would be pure circus.  But they have the sense of when it’s time to stop,  when it’s time to balance the lines between comedy and tragedy.
Oleh Verhelis, “Dzerkalo tyzhdnia”
  • Director – Oleksiy Kravchuk
  • Set Design –VlodKaufman
  • Costume Design – Natalia Shymin


  • Vladimir — Oleh Stephan
  • Estragon — Oleksiy Kravchuk
  • Pozzo — Oleh Tsiona
  • Lucky — Mykola Bereza
  • Running time: 2:30


  • Grand prize, Bosporus Games International Theatre Festival (2006), M.Art. Kontakt (Belarus, 2007)
  • Best Duet, Ternopil Theatre Evenings, Debut (2006)
  • Best Supporting Actor, Oleh Tsiona, Ternopil Theatre Evenings (2006)
  • Jury’s fringe award, M.Art. Kontakt (Belarus, 2007)
  • Romanytsky Award in the Performing Arts (Lviv, 2007)