Львівський академічний театр імені Леся Курбаса
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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KLIM’s first drama lesson, a text for theatre based
on Friedrich Nietzsche’s work

premiere 2013

“Every audience member will have his own perception as to the high point of experiencing what the lesson of “…Zarathustra” is about.  One might, for example, be inclined to hear the philosophy of the body’s call, because the body is of the “greatest wisdom.”  From my own inclination, the quintessence of the performance is in the words of “The Choir of One Alone:”  “Respected students! For we are all students. We are born, live and die for the sake of being students.  But before you will hear what Zarathustra said, you first need to realize just who Zarathustra is….  He who becomes and remains a teacher’s perpetual student pays bad tribute to that teacher.”  In these words lie the core and strength of KLIM and Kuchynsky’s provocation.   The theatre calls for one to go from Zarathustra—as from anything past its prime, conservatism, apologetics.  The theatre calls for one to look for oneself on  life’s personal and collective paths.  Without question this is the heritage of Kurbasian tradition.” 
Iulia Kovalenko, “Holos Ukrainy”
  • Directorial Conception—Volodymyr Kuchynsky
  • Musical Conception—Mariana Sadovska
  • Plastics/Movement Conception—Olha Semoshkina
  • Visual Conception—Oleksyi and Oksana Khoroshko
  • Running Time: 1:20


  • The Choir of One Alone, or he who addresses the "non-choir" – Volodymyr Kuchynsky, Oleh Stefan, Oleh Tsiona
  • The One Who Always Speaks as the Crowd – Mykola Bereza, Andrii Kozak, Andriy Vodychev, Tamara Gorgisheli, Pavlo Ilnytsky, Maria Kopytchak, Oleh Oneschak, Natalie Rybka-Parkhomenko, Andrii Seletsky, Denis Sokolov, Yaroslav Fedorchuk