Львівський академічний театр імені Леся Курбаса
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre


based on Plato’s “Symposium”
Translated from Ancient Greek by Uliana Holovach
premiere 2000, 2002

In Praise of Eros - part 1

Silenus Alcibiadis - part 2

“Antiquity is not presented here through cold blind white statues, but as a colorful living world where they praise the gods and live through their hangovers, pay respect to the earth and sky, and live in full harmony of the tragic and comic, all because it’s done with love. Love to the gods, the audience, to one another, to the theatre. The magic of drums and tambourines, song in flight, movement of ancient gymnastics, grape juice, the living word of living antiquity, all within an open theatre space, they form a magical astonishingly complex structure of many layers, which, when cooked together in this theatre’s cauldrons, reveal a theme quite simply: Through higher love a person unites with the divine, with beauty, and thanks to this receives the highest happiness.”
Kateryna Slipchenko
  • Director – Volodymyr Kuchynsky
  • Costume Design – Olha Baklan
  • Set Design – Oleksandr Overchuk
  • Dramaturg — Julie-Anne Franko
  • Musical Conception —Natalia Polovynka


  • Phaedrus – Oleh Oneschak, Andriy Vodychev
  • Pausanias – Marianna Podoliak
  • Eryximachus – Oleksiy Kravchuk
  • Aristophanes – Oleh Tsiona
  • Agathon – Mykola Bereza
  • Socrates – Oleh Stephan
  • Flautist – Olena Krylova
  • Eros – Vladyslav Kyschun
  • Diotima –Tetiana Kaspruk, Maria Kopytchak, Natalia Parkhomenko
  • Alcibiad – Andriy Vodychev
  • Running time: 1:30


  • Grand prize, best play, Stobi International Theatre Festival (Macedonia, 2002)
  • Best Actor, Oleh Tsiona, Stobi International Theatre Festival (Macedonia, 2002)
  • Best Director, Volodymyr Kuchynsky, Bosporous Games Festival (2001)