Львівський академічний театр імені Леся Курбаса
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre

Manna Hatta (Divineland)

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From the radio play The Good God of Manhattan by Ingeborg Bachmann
Translation from German by Lesia Tsybenko
premiere 2006

By renaming the play “The Good God of Manhattan” to Mana Hatta,  a word which means “heavenly earth” in the Indian language, the director has ripped the subject from the earth, carrying the action not only to the last floors of skyscrapers, but even higher, further, without end. Uniting the tragic-spiritual experience with intellectual energy, restlessness, the search within the spiritual plane for solving life’s real problems—this union is the delight and challenge for those who take on the depths of this literary material.  So in this context, the work of the “Kurbasians” is an attempt to go through this text’s subject, and into its depths. 
Kateryna Slipchenko, “Lvivska gazeta”
  • Director – Volodymyr Kuchynsky
  • Set Design – VlodKaufman
  • Costume Design – Natalia Shymin


  • Yan – Mykola Bereza, Andriy Kozak
  • Jennifer – Oksana Kozakevych, Maria Kopytchak, Natalia Rybka-Parkhomenko
  • Good God – Oleh Stephan
  • Judge – Oleh Tsiona
  • Billy – Iaroslav Fedorchuk
  • Frankie – Denis Sokolov
  • Running time: 2:30