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Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
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King Lear

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William Shakespeare
Translation by Maxim Rylsky
Adaptation by Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli 
• premiere 2010

Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli’s ‘King Lear’ is taken from the times when tragedies were written and taken to empty stages where there was no geography, history, concrete dates or names—there was only human drama—universal and individual. Out of the territory of passion, madness, actions and their consequences, thoughts, fears, remorse—comes the human soul.  And time becomes sand slipping between the fingers, as if through a cracked urn. In such a setting there is great freedom. 
Oksana Zobro, “Vysokyi zamok”
  • Director – Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli
  • Set and Costume Design – Maria Soshyna


  • Lear – Oleh Tsiona
  • Gloucester – Andriy Vodychev
  • Cordelia – Myroslava Rachynska
  • Kent – Oleh Stephan
  • Jester – Orest Sharak
  • Edgar/Goneril –Andrii Kozak
  • Edmund/Regan – Oleh Oneschak
  • Running time: 3:30