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Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre
Les Kurbas Theatre

Amnesia / Petits Crimes Conjugaux (Partners in Crime)

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 
Translated from French by Neda Nezhdana
An acting improvisation 
• premiere 2008
Amnesia—because I shared my days and nights with you, but told myself a different story….Amnesia—because my feelings for you were overwhelming, but I spoke more about my little impulses…Amnesia—because to the depths of my soul I was faithful, but would sooner tear out my voice than acknowledge it…Men inherently refuse their own  fate. They would rather have freedom.  But what is freedom if it leads to nothing?  Men imagine this freedom rather than use it.  …My amnesia is a lie—so that I can go back and find you.
Eric Emmanuel Schmitt (Partners in Crime)
  • Director – Volodymyr Kuchynsky
  • Set Design –VlodKaufman
  • Costume Design – Natalia Shymin


  • Mykola Bereza
  • Tamara Gorgisheli
  • Tetiana Kaspruk
  • Andriy Kozak
  • Oleh Stephan
  • Natalia Rybka-Parkhomenko
  • Running time: 2:30